Work From Home Fun :)

Did you get a chance to work from home for National Telework Week this week?

Earlier this week we shared telework pros & cons here & here. (As is our OfficeZilla style, each of those informational articles did contain at least one cartoon and a wink or two.) Our newsletter yesterday featured teleworking with exclusive home office savings & coupons. If you aren’t signed up yet, sign up Avery Products

Since it’s Friday, today we’re wrapping up the week with more silly teleworking grins & giggles. Happy Friday!

Work From Home Funnies …

telework funny

home office funny


work from home funny


telework cartoon

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work from home - what my friends think i do

And to wrap up our hard hitting, journalistic coverage of National Telework Week, I share this slightly racy “working from home” themed Sony commercial that aired in Europe …

I hope you enjoyed those! Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for more office antics & fun, everyday.  Have a great weekend!

♥ Tina



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