Who Gets to Wear Pajamas to Work?

Today is “National Wear Your PJs to Work Day!” So obviously, I started thinking about how nice it would be to have the kind of job that would allow me to wear pajamas to work everyday.

Really, though. What kind of job would I need?

Who Gets to Wear Pajamas to Work?

I started a list of options to consider …

1. Teleworker

We had a lot of fun talking about teleworking earlier this year. Definitely one of the pros of working from home is getting to work in your PJs.

wear pajamas to work

But I might get lonely …

2. Medical Professional

I know, I know. Medical professionals actually wear “scrubs.” But I hear that scrubs actually feel like pajamas to wear … and no morning wardrobe decisions to make!

We sell all kinds of healthcare supplies and medical office supplies, but I wonder if I would have the fortitude to work in healthcare? Would enduring the yucky medical stuff be worth it to wear cute pink scrubs? Maybe …

3. Judge

Judge Judy’s outfit looks mighty suspicious to me. That collar is totally glued onto that robe! You can bet she’s wearing a tank top and her ratty Sunday afternoon shorts under there, lol!


But, unfortunately, despite my vast knowledge of legal office supplies, I have no formal legal training 🙁

4. Yoga Instructor

Now I DO love to sleep & lounge in my yoga pants. So I could become a yoga instructor & wear yoga pants everyday, right?

yoga pants to work

But then I would probably have to actually *do* yoga, wouldn’t I? Yikes, I don’t see that happening…

5. Super Hero

Well, I guess that leaves the obvious choice, wouldn’t you say? I’ll have to become a super hero!


But you know what? Now that I think about it, technically I’m ALREADY a super hero! I’m an office supplies super hero!

  • I work for a company called OfficeZilla.
  • My customer service skills save the day for you every day!
  • I can leap over a stack of banker’s boxes in a single bound!
  • I use my “flash” speed to deliver your orders next day!
  • And I use my x-ray vision to spot office supplies savings opportunities against your current vendors!

That’s an office supplies super hero if I’ve ever heard of one!

I wonder if this means I’ll be allowed to wear pajamas to work? I’m going to have to use this super hero theory in my next performance review…

Well, I’ve got to run & avert another office supplies catastrophe. I just found out about a customer who didn’t know about our weekly coupon & savings newsletter. {gasp!}

I must dash to the rescue!

♥ Tina

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PS: If you wear pajamas to work today, please send me a picture or share it with me on Facebook. I’d love to see 🙂

PPS:  I actually wrote this blog post from home while wearing my pajamas. Shhh!!! Don’t tell the boss!






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  1. Fun article! I didn’t actually wear pajamas on that day to work but I have worn pajamas to work on others days and no one really noticed because they were really nice ones that sorta just looked like a pants set and they weren’t sheer so I’ve had no problems. Plus the pants are nice and long and are bootcut and i wear cute jewelry and tall high heels so the outfit looks okay for work. I will also have to admit to wearing plain black flare leg yoga pants to work too but with longer tops and nice platform heels and they look like regular black pants. And soooooo comfy!

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