Top 8 Reasons Your Computer is Slow

If you spend any amount of time on a computer, at some point you’ve experienced slow loading web pages or programs that spontaneously freeze up. How many times have you sat there fruitlessly hitting “enter, enter, enter” hoping for a response? If your computer is frustratingly sluggish there could be several causes, some of which you can fix yourself. Here’s a list of the most common reasons.

Top 8 Reasons Your Computer is Slow #work #office

Top 8 Reasons Your Computer is Slow

1. Not enough memory
If your computer is more than a year old and you’ve installed new programs, it may not have enough memory. The greater the memory, the faster it will be. Check how much RAM you have on your PC under the Task Manager. Compare the Physical Memory to what’s available. If you’re close to maxing out your RAM, this could lead to slow performance.

2. Too many startup programs
Oftentimes when you install programs on your computer, shortcuts get added to the startup list automatically. When you turn on your PC they run in the background, eating up space and causing your system to lag. That’s why it is recommended you disable any unwanted startup programs regularly.

3. Viruses and spyware
We’ve all been warned about the dangers of viruses, Trojan worms, and spyware that infiltrate through email, infected drives and unsecured Internet connections, especially of concern as many of us leave our computer on 24/7. It’s essential to install security tools for protection and to update them regularly as new viruses continually emerge. Besides slowing your computer down, viruses can destroy your system and data.

4. Computer runs too hot
A hot computer will run slower than a cool computer. This is why IT folks keep their systems in frigid rooms. To prevent your computer from heating up, make sure it has plenty of ventilation and there are no nearby devices blowing hot air on it. If you’re using a laptop, try a laptop riser with cooling fan!

laptop fanNot only does a hot computer run slower, but heat can also seriously shorten the life of the internal hardware.

5. Computer is too old
Electronics become outdated at an alarming rate. If your computer is older than five years, it’s likely that age is the culprit. As new programs and updates become available, they tend to take up more space, frequently causing older computers to choke.

6. Running too many programs simultaneously
Close programs you’re not using so they don’t run in the background and slow down processing time.

Top 8 Reasons Your Computer is Slow #work #office

7. Programs are not updated
Download new upgrades of current software as soon as they become available. If you set your PC up for automatic updates, it’s a quick and simple way to stay up-to-date. Running outdated software can negatively affect performance.

8. Bad hardware
Finally, and more seriously, if your computer continues to give you fits after considering the above, it could be your computer has failing hardware like a bad hard drive, CPU or other essential component. This may be a good time to call in an expert. (And be sure to backup your important stuff to a portable hard drive!)

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The next time you’re stymied by a slow computer, consider these eight common causes. As with any piece of equipment, a little regular maintenance, like keeping your computer clean inside and out, should help it continue to function at maximum performance.

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