An OfficeZilla Top 10 of 2013

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. In honor of the many top 10s floating around this time of year we thought we’d create our own. So, here are your favorite OfficeZilla posts of 2013!

10. Running late for work? What’s your excuse?

LATEMany of you seem to be struggling with being chronically late to work. Well we have some excuses that you can use the next time you are going to be a bit late!

9. What is the deal with the “Harlem Shake”?

Baauer-Harlem-ShakeWe know, you love to get your groove on. And when you can watch other people get their groove on on YouTube it’s even better. Still not sure what the Harlem Shake is? Let us explain it to you, and you can check out this office version while you are at it!

8. Guerrilla Office: The Mini Fridge Goes Camo

boise refrigeratorI think that you must have some co-workers that can’t keep their hands off your food. Cause you loved our mini fridge camo post! What I want to know is how many of you actually camo-ized your mini fridge??

7. Ultimate Vacation Office Prank: Make an Office Disappear!

justin-bieber-office-prankApparently many of you pranksters that love to make your co-workers pay for taking a vacation! If you are truly ambitious you might even want to make your co-worker’s office completely disappear!

6. Dust-Off Your Resume: 13 Essential Resume Tips!

dust off your resume tipsI guess it’s only fitting that at least one of our top 10 posts for the year be about something a bit more serious. You loved our 13 basic resume tips. Here’s to an even better job in 2014!

5. Office Pranks IV: Those Zany Co-Workers!

office prank of pooAND…now we are back to silly. Yet another office prank post made it into our top 10. And you seem to be especially intrigued in grossing out your co-workers. I think I’m glad I don’t work next to any of you!

4. Duck Tape Valentine’s Day Projects

duct tape valentine ringDuct tape crafts are all the rage. And you office supply addicts love them as much as the next person. Our selection of duct tape Valentine crafts seemed to have set your crafty heart all a pitter patter.

3. Cleaning the Office Refrigerator: It’s a nasty job

disgusting office fridgeWe know, you really needed our help. Cleaning out that office fridge is not for the faint of heart. So we put together a list of the essential items needed in a “Clean Out the Fridge Kit.” You’re welcome!

2. Seven Awesome Binder Clip Creatures

blinder clip zillaGot a little too much time on your hands? Since more than 3,300 of you checked out this post my guess is that you are a bit bored at work. What I want to know is, what kind of binder clip creatures did YOU make?


1. Tips, Tricks & Excuses to Leave Work Early

Leave Work EarlyWith more than 6,700 views I guess you all really want to leave work early! Can’t say that I blame you. In fact I…uhhh…have to…ummm….leave early today because…my dental implants unexpectedly fell out. Yeah that’s it!

What a great year it’s been! Hope to see lots more of you in 2014!

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