Today’s the Day to Inconvenience Yourself

Take your coffee break, gather with your coworkers around the water cooler, or just take five while you enjoy today’s Talking with Tina topic. Today is officially Inconvenience Yourself Day. I don’t know about you, but I feel inconvenienced most days. Why do we need a whole day to celebrate inconvenience?

Celebrate Inconvenience Yourself Day at the office. #work #office supplies


Modern Day Inconveniences

I feel inconvenienced on a regular basis. Most of the time, it draws a huge sigh of frustration from me. Here’s what grinds my gears lately:

  • Computers that take the length of a game of Candy Crush to load a webpage…sigh
  • Answering the phone and having to wait 10 seconds before the person on the other end says hello…sigh
    Celebrate Inconvenience Yourself Day at the office. #work #office supplies
  • Driving all the way to the bank to deposit a check (come on bank, have you heard of mobile deposits?)…sigh
  • Office policies that require you to wear heels…sigh

    Celebrate Inconvenience Yourself Day at the office. #work #office supplies

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  • Waiting in line while the person in front of you tries to figure out how to use the self checkout (ummm, they have lines where there’s an actual person to help you)…sigh
  • Discovering that someone ate your lunch from the office fridge (a%$**afdw&**#!!)…this one might illicit more than a sigh
  • Trying to spell inconvenience 800 times…sigh

Honestly, when I start to think about all the ways I’ve been inconvenienced this week I start to get a little grumpy. Maybe I need Inconvenience Yourself Day more than I thought.

What’s Inconvenience Yourself Day all about?

With all this talk about inconveniencing yourself, I’m wondering what this special day is really all about. says:

Inconvenience Yourself Day is an opportunity to focus on inconveniencing ourselves instead of inconveniencing others. It is also a day to recognize and acknowledge those who inconvenience themselves for others. Acknowledgment can be verbal, a note, or some small token of appreciation.

So instead of focusing on all the ways I feel inconvenienced by others, I think it’s time to find ways to do something kind for those around me. Sounds like a great way to bring a smile to my Wednesday!

Shall we celebrate at the office? has lots of ideas for how adults, kids, parents, teachers and businesses can celebrate this special day. I thought I’d share a few of my own ideas Zilla-fied ideas with you:

  • Refill all of your co-worker’s staplers! They may not notice what you did, but think of the joy they will experience as they staple away happily for days.
    Celebrate Inconvenience Yourself Day at the office. #work #office supplies
  • Empty all of the office recycling bins. It’s a big job, but somebody’s got to do it!
  • Set up a few office supply games for the break room. Just don’t forget to head back to work at some point today.
  • Leave sticky notes with statements of appreciation around the office.
    Celebrate Inconvenience Yourself Day at the office. #work #office supplies
  • Clean the office fridge. Now it will be easy to see where everyone’s lunch is! You could even tape off a section of one shelf for your lunch box with a sweet note that says “THIS IS NA-CHO LUNCH!” Wait…that note may not quite be in keeping with the spirit of Inconvenience Yourself Day. You can save that bit for tomorrow.
  • Brew a new pot of coffee for the office. Everyone appreciates a fresh cup o’ joe, and you’ll appreciate everyone else’s attitudes when they’re properly caffeinated.

There’s no need to inconvenience yourself with OfficeZilla!

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Talk to me! Leave a comment to let me know how will you inconvenience yourself for others today – or what inconveniences you experience.

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