The Tombow Funny Typos Giveaway

Aren’t typos embarrassing? I recently emailed the Avery Products with a misspelling in it. I was mortified! Oh how I wished I had proof-read it just ONE more time before sending!

Truthfully, my small typo was nothing compared to some of the awesome typos & spelling mistakes I’ve found & shared for your enjoyment below. There’s just something about a mistake being published in a newspaper, printed on a sign, or even iced onto a cake to make it extra funny.

Typos have been around a long time

A 1631 version of the Bible had a pretty bad typo, instructing “Thou shalt commit adultery.”

A Bold Headline of a Mistake …

Poor Eric wasn’t on Drugs

I called my order into the bakery …

The cake was ordered for a going away party. He told them to write:  ”Best Wishes Suzanne” and underneath that write “We will miss you”. {LOL!}

Even Harvard makes mistakes

It’s never too soon to perpare for college
Oh, the irony!

But it’s good to plan ahead …

After all, you might get a scolarship


Luckily for you, if you make a typo or mistake on a printed document, it’s EASY to correct! Our friends at Tombow come to the rescue with their GRIP correction tape pen.

There’s no need for embarrassing mistakes if you have convenient Tombow GRIP correction tape!

The Tombow Retractable pen-style Grip It correction tape is easy to use with a pivoting head that gives ultra smooth application for instant corrections. Retractable tip protects tape when not in use allowing storage in a pencil cup for easy access. Conveniently stores in a binder or planner for on the go corrections. New tape technology won’t peel up for excellent writeability and the rubberized grip allows a firm hold and gives optimum control. Leaves no copy or fax shadows and is perfect for left or right hand use. Available in 4 bold colors. 2-Pack.

Enter the OfficeZilla® + Tombow® Giveaway!

I hope you enjoyed our roundup of funny typos 🙂

Two of our OfficeZilla friends and fans will win a 2-pack of Tomobow GRIP correction tape AND a $25 gift certificate to the OfficeZilla online store with free shipping! How awesome is that?

To enter to win, simply leave a comment here on this blog post telling us a story about a bad or funny typo. If you can’t think of a story about a typo, then just tell us which of the above typos you found the funniest 🙂

We encourage you to follow OfficeZilla on Facebook & Twitter; Follow Tombow on Facebook as well!

Winner to be selected at random from valid comment entries. Giveaway open only to shipping addresses in the continental US. Giveaway closes on Saturday, December 22nd at midnight eastern. Winner to be announced on Wednesday, December 26th. Good luck & have fun!

source credits: above referenced ‘typo’ images found at and wikipedia


The Tombow Funny Typos Giveaway — 31 Comments

  1. The best typo error I have found was an advertisement banner with “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” words written on it. LOL!! The Graphic designer forgot to delete such standard filler text (example text).^_____^

  2. There’s a small & I do mean small little mom & pop grocery store in my city of Greenville, SC. One day we were driving by there & noticed a sign they had sitting out advertising their “special” of the day~it said & I quote, “HOMADE HOTDOGS 2 FOR $1.00!” instead of “HOMEMADE”~LOL! We laugh about that 2 this day, in fact I’m pretty sure they still use that sign! That’s 1 of the funniest typo’s I’ve ever seen;) Thanx 4 the chance 2 win sum awesome prizes! ~prhmangel(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Typos are awesome! They make life entertaining. I’m a there, they’re and their typo maker. Even tho my brain is thinking the correct one my fingers don’t seem to agree.
    This would be an awesome product to have!

  4. I never saw typos as funny or as wild as these! I found the Best Wishes Suzanne cake one the best. That was priceless! Thonks so moch for the chonce to won! Ha ha. Happy Holidays and thanks for the laughs!

  5. LOL! Those are all great, but I think the funniest one for me is the newspaper’s headline. Ha ha! I’m definitely going to get rid of White-out now. Can’t wait to switch to Tombow’s correction tape – I bet it’s MUCH better! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness! Those were too funny and I surely needed a laugh today! While working at a law office, my co-worker had to revise a document that was to be posted in several “public” places…..she left out the L !!!!!! The attorney she worked for went on to become a very prominent political figure! I will never forget how we laughed over that! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome Tombow pen(who doesn’t need one of those?) and the gift certificate!

  7. Those were hilarious! My typo mishap was when I was texting my dad and he is a pastor. I sent him a text and said that we will be late for church. My stupid autocorrect sent this text to him instead: “dad, we will be gay for sure”…lol…he called me right after that text sent and asked me what I was talking about! I said that we will be late for church! I heard a sigh of relief from him…lol…so now I call instead of texting him…lol!

  8. I loved all the comments here too. We have had a cake mishap before also. My grandson’s name is Brody. They wrote Broby. Of course he is five and had just learn to write his name so he wanted to know who Broby was! we laughed and laughed.

  9. lol these are great! A funny typo i have done before is sending my resume through email to a company and putting thank you very much for the opera insted of oppertunity

  10. sweeps entry for the 2-pack of Tomobow GRIP correction tape AND a $25 gift certificate to the OfficeZilla online store plx. lol i like the pentucket one typo

  11. When my daughter was in high school, her teacher sent home a notice encouraging regular attendance at class. His typo was, “We can’t touch your children if they are not here.” Obviously he meant “teach” … or did he?

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