Avoid Neck Pain and Other Mobile Hazards

How to Avoid Neck Pain and Other Mobile Hazards http://wp.me/p2Qhap-210

For centuries, people have worn out their bodies on equipment designed to make life easier or work more productive. Over the years, the prolonged and repetitive motion of sewing machines, looms, typewriters, assembly lines and other “modern” devices have brought long-term circulation, back, and neck pain problems to millions.

Now that we’ve replaced mechanical equipment with electronics, we face similar health issues – especially with our increasing use of mobile devices. Tablets and smart phones force us to unnaturally crane our neck to read tiny screens and tap on tiny keys. It’s no wonder many of us suffer from tired eyes, sore shoulders, neck pain and aching backs. But there’s good news! You can avoid “vulture neck” and other hazards by adopting a few simple habits when using your mobile device.

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