5 Lazy Costumes with Staple Removers

Trying to lighten the mood at the office? Get silly with your coworkers! Grab a couple of staple removers and put together some lazy costumes to give your colleagues the giggles. Also, you can use those tools to actually remove staples – bonus! And if you’re interested in a FREE staple remover, keep reading!

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Hands Off My Stapler!

Did you see the fun “Hands Off My Stapler” contest that furniture wholesaler OFM held in conjunction with Swingline? If I’d seen the contest earlier you know that I would have shared it with you. It’s definitely the kind of contest that my OfficeZilla peeps could have OWNED! To enter, contestants were asked to email a photo & a short … Continue reading

The Missing Stapler

Love this 5 second video about a missing stapler I found on Youtube this weekend … The Missing Stapler – Video Poor guy .. How do you post flyers for a missing stapler … if you have no stapler? Who is the keeper of the stapler in your office? Maybe you need a red stapler for your very own ?? … Continue reading