A 12 Days of Christmas Parody – for Office Supplies!

Are you ready? We have a new & improved OfficeZilla version of “The 12 Days of Christmas” to share with you today. While I’m not really a huge fan of cumulative songs, it is Christmas time and that means that the ritual of alternately enduring and enjoying the music of the holidays is upon us. All my life I thought … Continue reading

The Samsill Christmas Tree of BINDERS

Welcome to another Christmas edition of the office Monday Morning Warmup! A great way to start your week with a smile 🙂 Below we’re sharing a fun, fast-forward video from our friends at Samsill. Watch in fast motion as they deck their halls & create a unique Christmas tree built exclusively from binders! What a clever idea, Samsill! Thanks so … Continue reading

5 Tips to Wrap like a GANGSTA

Have you wrapped all of your Christmas presents yet? Have you artfully arranged them under your tree or nestled them carefully into shipping boxes to send to relatives & friends far & wide? If so, I don’t want to hear about it…Less than 2 weeks ’til Christmas? Yikes! I’m only just beginning to get my list together! Once my list … Continue reading

Christmas Office Pranks

Welcome to Monday! This week’s edition of the Monday Morning warmup features Christmas themed Office pranks. Enjoy 🙂 Desk “Snow Globe” This is the scene that greeted Daniel (aka: @wisom360) when he arrived to work this past Thursday: His desk was turned into a “Snow Globe!” Wrapped Cubicles & Offices Wrapped cubicles are popular office pranks this time of year. … Continue reading

The OfficeZilla Christmas Tree!

You may have seen a few ‘sneak peek’ photos on twitter & facebook recently as we were pulling together DIY Christmas ornaments made from office supplies. We were using paper clips, brads, solo cups, page protectors, wooden pins and more paper clips to create ornaments for the OfficeZilla Christmas tree! We were competing in a competition to benefit the City … Continue reading

Carol of the Bells with Office & Shipping Supplies!

Here’s a great Christmas video showing a fun take on “Carol of the Bells.” The team from Alphabet Photography is using office supplies as their soundtrack for the carol. Warning: It’s infectious! I’ve been humming “Carol of the Bells” since I saw this! Isn’t that fun? I really enjoyed it …. but that guy with the phone was a bit … Continue reading