DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

9 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas #crafts #office supplies

With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday decor. Here are 9 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations you can make with your favorite office supplies! DIY Thanksgiving Decorations For Your Home To create this fun leaf garland, all you need is a handful of leaves, a white paint pen, and some twine. What a great way to welcome … Continue reading

Celebrate Origami Day

Celebrate Origami Day with these 10 fun origami projects! #DIY #crafts #office supplies

November 11th is Origami Day. It’s time to have some fun with the art of paper folding and show your incredible creations. Gather up some paper and start your folding! Celebrate Origami Day Everyone needs a wearable claw, or five, cause sometimes there’s a bit of Wolverine inside just waiting to get out!   Your desk should have a few star boxes … Continue reading