Recycling at the Office

Many offices are looking to go green to reduce the amount of waste they produce. Starting a recycling program takes a bit more than just putting out a handful of recycling bins, but the effort may be worth it. Use these tips to begin recycling at the office!

Recycling at the office is easy with these tips. #work #office supplies

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Recycling at the Office

Recycle Like a Boss

Let’s face it, to start a recycling program at your office, someone needs to be in charge. Several decisions will need to be made in the beginning, such as…

  • What will be recycled?
  • Does your trash service offer recycling? What do they recycle?
  • Where will you take items that are not picked up by the trash service?
  • Where will recycling bins be placed around the office?
  • Who will be responsible for emptying the bins?
  • How much of a budget will the recycling program have?
  • How will you let the office staff know about the recycling initiative?

You’ll also need to get the person who has the authority to make office-wide policy changes involved. Once these decisions have been made, you can begin putting your recycling program into place.

Paper, Paper, and More Paper

The most logical place to begin is by recycling paper. Typically, paper is the largest source of waste in any office.

Recycling at the office is easy with these tips. #work #office supplies

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Place recycling bins in any area that uses a large amount of paper, such as the copy room. It may also encourage your employees to participate in the recycling program if there is a bin in each office. Place the bin closer to their desk than the trash can and you may find an increase in the paper recycling.

Drink Up

If your office has a dining hall or cafeteria, it’s always a great idea to place containers for plastic bottle recycling and soda cans. To encourage less waste, you may want to create a washing station so that your employees can bring their own reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

Recycle or Reuse

While paper and plastic bottles are likely the simplest items to recycle, there are other office products that can be recycled. Batteries are used in many office products; although batteries take a little more effort to recycle, it can be done. Check the yellow pages to see where you can take recycled batteries in your area. Over time, you can also invest in rechargeable batteries to reduce your waste and save money. Recycling at the office is easy with these tips. #work #office supplies Another often used item that can be recycled are your ink cartridges. Extend their life by having the ink refilled. You can easily find a location that will refill those cartridges for you. Once the cartridges have outlived their usefulness, you can have them recycled. Reuse then recycle, double the earth friendly fun!

Purchase Recycled Products

Recycle at the office from both ends of the supply chain by purchasing recycled products. What better way to do your part for the environment than to purchase items made from all those items you’ve been recycling?

Let OfficeZilla Help You Recycle at the Office

There are so many ways that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle at the office. Let OfficeZilla help by supplying all of your recycling needs. We’d love to hear your favorite recycling tips in the comments! ❤ Tinaoffice supplies at OfficeZilla

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