Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day: 10 Work Ideas

Dec 8th is “Pretend to be a Time Traveler” Day!

Too bad tomorrow is a Saturday… Can you imagine how fun it would be to play along from work? Part of the official rules stipulate that you can’t tell anyone you are acting like a time traveler. Just imagine some of the following funny SFW scenarios …

10 ways to Pretend to be a Time Traveler while at work:

1. Comment on things that haven’t happened yet as though they have. 

“Sure these donuts are good, but next Thursday’s surprise bagels will have been a real treat.”

2. Refer to technology that doesn’t exist yet.

In the bathroom, ask your stall-neighbor if you can borrow the seashells; Walk into doors and complain loudly that they should slide open automatically and when will someone get this fixed?

3. Ask for a screwdriver and when someone gives you one, raise your eyebrow and demand “the sonic one.”

4. Hide in the office supplies closet. When someone comes by jump out and ask them what the date is. When they tell you, groan “I’m back too soon!” and jump back in the closet.

5. Make a joke about President Gore’s second term. When you get blank stares, ask who the president is right now. When they tell you, ask to be excused.

6. Tell people interesting facts about the past.

“Most dinosaurs had feathers,” you say. “And were allergic to donuts.”

7. When someone shows their latest gizmo to you, smile condescendingly and say, “How quaint.”  Ask to examine the item and ask when they’ll be making a lighter version.

8. Talk to your computer and when people ask what you’re doing ask if their voice response system is working okay.

9. Send a friend into the office with your badge and have them ask for a new security photo as you recently regenerated.

10. Or be a REAL time traveler – put on some sunglasses, set your alarm clock, and fall asleep at your desk.  Time-travel through the day and wake up in the future!

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