An OfficeZilla Top 10 of 2014

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. In honor of the many top 10s floating around this time of year we thought we’d create our own. So, here are your favorite OfficeZilla posts of 2014!

10. Get Organized with these Label Maker Ideas

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that there are other label maker addicts out there! So in honor of this top 10 spot let’s all grab our label makers and start organizing!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

9. Fun With Post It Notes

Here at OfficeZilla we love having fun with office supplies, and it looks like you do to. Especially when those office supplies are Post-it Notes. Now I want to see what you are creating with those Post-it Notes!!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

8. DIY Flowers from Office Supplies

There are definitely some DIY fans in our midst. DIY flowers seem to be one of your very favorites. What a fun way to bring a bit of spring time into your office.

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

7. 12 Fun Construction Paper Crafts

There’s no end to the things you can create with construction paper. And you are loving our round up of 12 construction paper crafts!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

6. The Office Supply Games

It doesn’t have to be Olympic season for you to have fun with the Office Supply Games! Which game are you a gold medalist in?

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

5. 11 iPhone and iPad Life Hacks with Office Supplies

You all love a good life hack. Especially when it combines your love of office supplies and your favorite iDevice!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

4. 5 Free Small Business Forms

Free printables that help you keep your business organized? That’s a no brainer for OfficeZilla fans!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

3. 9 Post-It Planner Ideas to Get You Organized

And when you can combine organization with pretty Post-its? You all are in love!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

2. 9 More DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers love office supplies. And you love DIY gift ideas for your favorite teacher. That’s what makes these teacher gift ideas your #2 favorite post of the year!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014


1. 15 More Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the Office

Elf on the Shelf has captured your heart at home and you can’t wait to share the fun at the office. Nearly 3,000 of you have been enthralled with this post and our original 11 Elf ideas. What I want to know is how many of you were on Santa’s good list this year? Cause you are definitely on OfficeZilla’s good list!

Top 10 OfficeZilla Posts of 2014

What a great year it’s been! Hope to see your office supply loving faces around here in 2015!

❤ Tina

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