Office Supplies that Support Employee Health

Today is National Employee Health & Fitness Day! How is your company celebrating?

National Employee Heemployee health fitness dayalth & Fitness Day was founded in 1989 by the National Foundation for Health & Fitness. The special day is observed the 3rd Wednesday of May each year, which this year is May 15th.

Traditionally, the primary way that employers supported their employees health was through corporate subsidized employee health insurance programs. However, in recent years, due to increased costs, it has become more difficult for smaller employers to provide health insurance to their employees.

While government regulations determine exactly what your health insurance requirements … by providing your employees certain key supplies, you are supporting their health!

Office Supplies that Support Employee Health

Keep a Well Stocked Break Room

Office Refrigerator: Provide a refrigerator large enough for every employee to store a “stash” of his/her own preferred healthy foods & beverages. As you know, the office refrigerator can become hazardous quickly, so be sure to follow the refrigerator safety guidelines we shared earlier this year.

Microwave Oven: Don’t make your employees run out for fast food in order to get a hot lunch! Whether it’s last night’s leftovers or a lean cuisine, a microwaved lunch is invariably a healthier alternative than a daily double cheeseburger!

Think Ergonomically

Ergonomic Office Chairs: Don’t skimp when it comes to providing seating for employees who work at their desks all day, each day.  Chairs for office workers should provide adjustable seating heights, lumbar support, and tilt control, at a minimum! Some employees with shorter legs may even benefit from an added foot rest to keep their bodies in the appropriate position.

ergonomic work environment

Ergonomic electronics: Administrative assistants, computer programmers, and customer service people who sit and their computers all day may benefit from ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic wrist & mousepads, and mice to help prevent carpal tunnel or other wrist & hand strain.

Monitor Stands: I know you’re currently using your 1500 page OfficeZilla printed office supplies catalog to boost your monitor up, but you really should invest in a monitor stand instead to control desktop clutter and get the monitor up to eye level to prevent neck strain.

Keep Things Clean

Invest in the appropriate cleaning & janitorial supplies. Put antibacterial soap beside every sink, provide plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the office, and encourage every employee to keep his/her work area clean!

Stock the Medicine Cabinet

If an employee has a simple headache, is suffering from overdoing it at happy hour last night, or simply played too hard in the over 40 softball tournament this weekend, keep a few over-the-counter remedies at the ready. Popping a quick advil from the break room is far quicker than having to run out to the local drugstore!

Be Mindful of Safety & Security

Make sure your office has all of the safety & security supplies needed.

NOW, what about Employee Fitness?

I’m afraid office supplies won’t help you here yet …. at least not until we start selling treadmill desks. .Have you seen the latest office fitness craze? I’m sure we’ll be selling these soon 🙂 Check it out…

treadmill desk source: NYTimes

Would a treadmill desk work for you? I know I can walk & talk at the same time, but I don’t think I could type or take notes while I walked. As we’ve discussed before, I have difficulty multi-tasking. What about you? Could you work at a treadmill desk?

What else?

What other ways can office supplies support your company’s health & fitness goals? I’d love to hear your ideas! I’m sure I’ve missed a few!

Now drop & give me 30!

♥ Tina

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