Does your office dress-up for Halloween?

Here at OfficeZilla, we are getting excited about Halloween. After all, when else do you have an excuse to eat absurd amounts of candy, pull pranks on your colleagues AND dress up in ‘ironic’ costumes?

Is your office dressing up for Halloween? Here are some great Halloween costumes we’ve found that give a nod to office supplies or culture …


dilbert halloween costume office

This one is a classic! Dark pants, a white shirt, some pens, construction paper and an old pair of glasses and you’re ready to go!

Monopoly Man

Do you work for a bank or another financial institution? This “rich uncle” costume from the Monopoly board game is quite clever …

office halloween costume

Rock Paper Scissors

Grab 2 friends and adapt this clever “Rock Paper Scissors” idea for your office environment …


This would be a fun, easy costume …

Just grab some wind pants, a yellow slicker or rain suit, some protective goggles, a baseball cap and duct tape some trash to your slicker. Create a faux microphone with a screwdriver & a paper box and you’re ready to go storm chasing!

Squid Costume

This is a great last minute costume made entirely of office supplies!

All you need is a roll of brown paper, double sided tape, cds, manila folders, and a binder clip. Find instructions for making this costume here.

What quick, easy & fun Halloween costumes have YOU created using office supplies? Tell us in the comments!


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