Office Fun: Tweets of the Week

Are you on Twitter? I like using Twitter to keep up with breaking political & financial news… I LOVE using Twitter to keep up with the funny things that are happening in offices near & far!

Here are some of my favorite of YOUR tweets & tweet pics from last week ….

Office Pranks of the Week

@melissarou left this sign as a prank for her engineering co-workers …

I’m not sure where this next prank originated, but I found it all over twitter & instagram this week. Funny stuff …

I would SO love to see a video of when this poor soul sits down & activates that air horn!


Office Zingers: 140 characters or less

“To Err is Human, to forgive is not company policy.” – @vonquisora

“People who burn popcorn at work should be fired on the spot.” – @stephanieokc

More Office Fun Tweet Pix

@justsomegirl90 tweets, “hard at work today”

@andreamayfloat tweeted … “Nicholas Cage is popping up around our office …. Curious.”

A ‘punny’ Twitter pic from @aardbloke “My new office addition”

Join the Fun!

Do your co-workers do/say funny things? Tweet about it & TAG us @OfficeZilla in your tweet! If you read a funny tweet that you think we’d like, RT it & tag us! If you do, you just may end up in our Office Fun Round-up next week!

And now back to your regularly scheduled Monday already in progress 🙂



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