New Year’s Resolutions at the Office

It’s the time of year that many of us start making New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few resolutions you might want to make at the office.

I will be kind to my co-workers

New Year's Resolutions for the Office

Source: Glasbergen

Well, perhaps you want to be even kinder than that. Remember that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. And if that doesn’t work…use duct tape.

I will smile more at the office

New Year's Resolutions for the Office

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Instead of grumbling about your job try putting on a smile. Smile at your friends, smile at your nemesis, smile at your boss. Smile, smile, smile. Perhaps if you fake it long enough even you will start to believe it! Or you can try the clothespin technique if absolutely necessary.

I will keep the fridge clean

New Year's Resolutions for the Office only after someone else cleans the nasty fridge out first. Cause that’s a job don’t nobody want to do. But once it’s clean, then you can work on keeping it that way. Or you can get your own mini-fridge and just keep your funk to yourself.

I will be more productive

New Year's Resolutions for the Office

Source: Glasbergen

You could use a planner to schedule your time more wisely, remove all distractions from your office, or grow a few extra arms to keep up with all the work. But I’m thinking that if we all just cut useless boring meetings out of our day the average productivity rate would triple!

I will spend less on office supplies

New Year's Resolutions for the Office that one I can help you with! OfficeZilla offers amazing prices on all your office supply needs. And free shipping on all orders over $45! Now that’s a New Year’s resolution I can get behind!

What office resolutions are you making this year?

♥ Tina

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