Guerrilla Office: The Mini Fridge Goes Camo

The Mini Fridge Goes Camo: Saving Private Refreshments!

Do you need your own private, secret refrigerator?

Is your shared office refrigerator is nasty with scary science experiments growing in it?  Do your coworkers steal your snacks & drinks? Maybe your office manager hasn’t sprung for a break room fridge yet… Or maybe you have a diabolical scheme that involves ice cold beverages 🙂

If you need a secret refreshment stash, check out these awesome camouflaged mini refrigerators, hidden in plain view!

In the Warehouse …

It’s just a few backup boxes of paper inventory right?

Or is it?

hidden mini fridge

Under Your Desk …

This is an innocent box of extra office supplies ….

Or is it?

hidden mini fridge at work

In the Board Room


executive camo mini fridge


Lesson Learned

Just goes to show: People sure get awfully thirsty at work, don’t they? 😉

Do you have some other photos showing how your Mini Fridge Goes Camo? I’d love to see ’em!

♥ Tina

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