March Madness | Office Translation Guide for NCAA Fans

A strange phenomenon is gripping our office places this week. It’s a fever that is commonly known as “March Madness.” Are you familiar with it?

Symptoms of March Madness include:

  • Meetings that are slow-to-start due to Bracketology discussions.
  • Increased tardiness in the morning due to west region games that run late.
  • A SLOW network connection due to your colleagues constantly streaming games & ESPN coverage.
  • Use of basketball terminology GALORE

It’s all basketball, all the time at work!

The problem is that I keep getting confused and laughing at inappropriate times during the heated basketball discussions. Apparently this basketball jargon sounds an awful lot like office jargon, but with very different meanings!

So I put together a helpful translation guide to help my March Madness co-workers understand what I hear when they’re talking basketball.

Office Translation Guide for NCAA Tournament Junkies

  • Double Dribble:  Phyllis eating soup in the break room at lunch. (Why don’t plastic cutlery assortments don’t include a soup spoon?)
  • Fast Break: Bob choking down a cigarette outside in between conference calls.
  • Man to Man: That intense ‘off the record’ conversation you finally had with your boss.
  • Personal Foul: Derek really shouldn’t have had beans for lunch before that long afternoon meeting in the conference room.
  • Technical Foul: The all-too-common use of “Reply All” on email. Just say ‘no’ to Reply All!
  • Out-of-Bounds: Check your HR manual for a full understanding of “out of bounds” behavior, also known as sexual harassment.
  • Fans: The cavemen in my office prefer sub zero temperatures. They all have personal fans in their work spaces!
  • Point Guard:That thing the file clerk uses to protect her delicate finger tips!

    “point guards”

  • Time Out: It’s 5 O’Clock!
  • Slam Dunk: I love it when my co-worker sets me up to deliver a fabulous one-liner that he never saw coming.
  • The Steal: It’s SO uncool when you use my idea and take credit for it!
  • Pick -n – Roll: My favorite phone-in to-go order at Firehouse Subs. I have them on speed dial.
  • Alley Oop: That moment, when walking down the executive hallway, that I trip on absolutely nothing. So embarrassing. {cringe!}
  • Posting Up: Obviously this refers to team happy hour at the local watering hole.
  • Free Throw: Share your ridiculous office-themed definition in the comments below!

I hope you’re enjoying the NCAA tournament as much as my co-workers are! Or, at least I hope you’re enjoying your co-workers distractedness to perform awesome pranks on them, like I am 🙂

Happy Monday!

♥ Tina




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