Make Year End Wrap Up a Breeze

The final month of the year has arrived. Along with wistful thoughts of another year gone by, for many of us it’s also time to wrap things up and reorganize before a new year begins. Use the following to guide your year end wrap up.

Make year end wrap up a breeze! #office #work #organized

Make Year End Wrap Up a Breeze

Review current files.

If you’re like most people, you have files bulging with additional background information, extraneous emails, and just-in-case spreadsheets.

Make year end wrap up a breeze! #office #work #organized

Use folders for essential documents and sub-folders for non-critical items. This keeps papers from jumbling and keeps you from fumbling during meetings.

Cull your filing cabinet.

Where do you put the weekly articles your boss gives you or the handouts from last month’s sales meeting? No doubt shoved into a file somewhere, but will you ever look at them again? Take a cold, hard look at your files and shred or recycle what you don’t need. Consider scanning documents into your computer to free up valuable drawer space.

Make year end wrap up a breeze! #office #work #organized

And while you’re rummaging through your file cabinet, re-evaluate the categories you use. Five folders all labeled miscellaneous mean you need a better system. Neaten up by replacing dog-eared folders and using box-bottom files for overstuffed hanging files.

Reorganize your desk drawers.

Empty each drawer, wipe it out, then create a place for everything. Devote a drawer or section of a drawer to a specific task – e.g., writing supplies to include pens, pencils, note pads, clips, and markers.


Sure, those self-inking rubber stamps with the smiley face seemed like a great idea at the time, but have they outlived their cuteness? Now may be the time to donate them, and you may even get a tax deduction too.

Mark the dates – but only in one calendar.

Choose a single calendar that works best for you whether that’s electronic or paper. Use a different color ink for personal and business dates.

Make year end wrap up a breeze! #office #work #organized

Delete electronic files.

While you’re organizing, don’t forget your computer. Trash out-of-date drafts and duplicate files. That goes for email, too. Graphics files and presentation slides as attachments can take up a significant amount of space. This is also the perfect time to back up your virtual files on an external hard drive. Head into the new year safe and secure!

OfficeZilla Says, “That’s a Wrap”!

Performing these simple steps will make year-end wrap-up a breeze and get you organized and productive for the upcoming year.

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