The Scoop on Jim Harbaugh’s Red Pen

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons today in a hard fought, close NFC Championship match to determine which team would go to the Super Bowl. What a game! The game was loaded with excitement and controversial plays. I was disappointed that the OfficeZilla home team, The Falcons, didn’t win 🙁

During the NFC game, Twitter was aflutter with play-by-plays & comments on the hotly contested calls (ie: was that Falcon’s pass incomplete?)

My biggest question during the game was this:

What is the deal with Jim Harbaugh’s red pen? What brand is it? Does Jim Harbaugh know that we sell red pens?

And isn’t his family worried that he might hurt himself with it?

I was on the case. I did the research. As it turns out, the red pen is a close friend of Jim Harbaugh’s …. Almost every photo I found of him, included the red pen …

Here’s Jim in Oct 2011…

And here he is in Nov 2012 ..

Well, sadly for the Atlanta Falcons, Harbaugh’s pen did it’s magic this week as well.

After doing my hard hitting research, I learned that the red pen ….. is a red Sharpie!

Hey Jim – Did you know we sell red Sharpies at great prices?!?

-Tina 🙂



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