8 Ways to Increase Productivity

8 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work http://blog.officezilla.com/increase-productivity/ #office #work #productivity

Your to-do list is a mile long and you just want to find a way to feel more productive. We’ve all been there. Want to get more done during the day but unsure how to accomplish that? That happens to me too. So I consulted the experts and created a list to help you knock out your to-do list pronto!

8 Ways to Increase Productivity

Create a To Do List

It may seem a bit old fashioned but the act of writing down a to-do list is enormously helpful in increasing your productivity. Maintaining a list in your brain uses valuable energy. By writing it down in a notebook you can let the task go until you are ready to deal with it.


At the beginning of each day, or better yet the night before, take a look at your to-do list and prioritize the top 3 must do items. Then tackle the hardest task first. Dreading the task ahead of you makes it’s easy to find distractions. When the most difficult task is completed first you’ll find the other items are easily crossed off.

8 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work http://blog.officezilla.com/increase-productivity/ #office #work #productivity

Work in Blocks of Time

While planning out your day think in blocks of time. Consider the time of day that you feel the most productive and schedule your work to correlate. Then block out time for email and other tasks. Try to focus on each task only within it’s block of time. When you limit other distractions you will be able to get more done.

Don’t Multi-Task

Multi-tasking may feel like you are getting a lot done, but the fact is multi-tasking actually results in poor work. Moving quickly from one task to another interrupts your focus and inhibits your productivity. Instead focus on one task at a time and turn off distractions, especially the electronic kind. You will find that you get much more done.

8 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work http://blog.officezilla.com/increase-productivity/ #office #work #productivity

Set a Timer

When it comes to focusing on one task at a time a timer can be your friend. Determine how long you think a task will take and set the timer. Then work to beat the clock. Just watch and see how your competitive nature kicks in to complete the task before the ding.

Take Breaks

It’s important to give your mind and body a break during the day. Take a walk, grab a healthy snack, try some yoga poses, anything that allows you to get a bit of rest in the middle of your busy day.

Brain Dump

There are always thoughts popping into your head that may or may not have anything to do with the task at hand. Shopping lists, home projects, appointment scheduling all have a way of coming to mind at the most inopportune moments. When that happens jot the ideas onto a post-it note. Consider it a way to clear your brain of the unnecessary distractions. Once the thought is written down you can focus on it at a later time, allowing you to get back to work.

8 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work http://blog.officezilla.com/increase-productivity/ #office #work #productivity

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What are your favorites tips to increase productivity? Please share in the comments!

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