Hug Your Boss Day

This Friday is “Hug Your Boss Day”! Did you know such a thing existed? Hug Your Boss Day was created by back in 2008. Their belief is that if you are happy to hug your boss then you are more likely to enjoy your job which may lead to better productivity, morale, and motivation at work.

Hug Your Boss Day #office #work

Hug Your Boss Day

What type of relationship do you have with your boss?

What’s the status of your relationship with your boss? Are you best buds? Mortal enemies? Or do you barely notice one another’s existence? Here are a couple of fun quizzes you can take to determine what kind of relationship you have with your boss.

Last year an overwhelming 94% of people said they respected their boss. Some positive characteristics bosses exhibit are being a good listener, taking responsibility and having good communication skills. While the not so good bosses tend to be doubtful of your skills, selfish and have a bad temper. I definitely know which type of boss I would prefer to work for!

Hug Your Boss Day #office #work

Source: Tip Top Job

Would you hug your boss?

Sure, hugging your boss may normally seem inappropriate at work, but on a designated holiday it should be no big deal. Especially if you gather your co-workers and take a photo of a not-so-impromptu group hug.

Benefits of hugging your boss:

  • Shows your boss that you don’t hate them (fake it if you have to)
  • Brings a smile to everyone’s day
  • Gives you an awesome pic to post on Facebook (yeah, we totally want to see that!)
  • And hey, from what I hear you might even find yourself more productive at work
Hug Your Boss Day #office #work

Source: Tip Top Job

Some of you may be thinking there is no way you would hug your boss. There are a variety of reasons why, but my favorite is backing off due to smell. Ha! If you’ve got a smelly boss try breathing through your mouth for a minute to get that hug in.

How can OfficeZilla Help?

Unfortunately we can’t do anything about your boss, or your efforts to hug one another. But we can help you save money on office supplies! Which just might get you some brownie points with the boss and improve your relationship.

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