How To Treat a Broken Finger

Have you ever had to work with a broken finger? Just last week, it happened to me, so I’m here to tell my tale and provide advice should this ever happen to to treat a broken finger

How did I break my finger?

Let’s see if can you spot the true source of my painful finger break. Which of the below do you think was the embarrassing incident that broke my finger?

  • A: During a heated discussion about office supplies, I slapped the conference room table too hard.
  • B: I lost my balance while spinning in my office chair.
  • C: I used too much force while practicing the rubber band “Sharp Shooter” game for my upcoming audition for Game Show Network’s “Minute to Win It.”rubber band sharp shooter minute to win it
  • D: At my son’s baseball game, I earned an “RCI” (Ridiculous Cheering Injury) while he was hitting an RBI.

Stay tuned to the end & I’ll confess which of these was the true culprit. But meanwhile, let’s talk about how to treat a broken finger … and still find ways to get your office work done.

First, Use R.I.C.E. to Treat a Broken Finger

First, I took some ibuprofen to reduce the pain & swelling. Then I treated my break with the age old formula of R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation)

  • Rest: What a great excuse to skip a day (or 2) on the OZ blog! Did you miss me?
  • Ice: I grabbed a mouse and loaded it up with ice to “ICE” the break & reduce swelling.
  • Compression: My first aid kit was out of gauze, so I grabbed some scotch tape to quickly wrap the injury. I made a splint out of wooden craft sticks along with more tape to stabilize the to splint a broken finger with craft sticks
  • Elevation: Then I kept my hand raised for the rest of the afternoon & evening. {Note: Use the elevation strategy with care if you’re going into a meeting. Your co-workers might think you’re volunteering for more work!}

Despite my careful “RICE” treatment on Thursday afternoon & evening, when Friday arrived I still had a painfully broken finger and a lot of work to complete. It was time to get creative ….

How to Work with a Broken Finger

  • Pick up the phone: Remember this old technology? Believe it or not, it still works! The office phone may no longer be the preferred method of communication, but in a pinch, it’s amazing how much you can get done using this antiquated form of technology.
  • Think it Through: Before I sat down and just started pounding out an email full of details and emoticons, I first paused & thought about it. What was the essence of what I needed to say? I kept my notes SHORT and sweet!
  • Text: The problem with email is that if you keep things too brief, people think you’re being rude or brusk. But with a text, it’s somehow okay to share “just the facts.” So I did a little more texting than usual.
  • Take advantage of your mouse: Luckily I’m right handed and my broken finger was on the left. This meant that I could still navigate with my mouse like a boss. I relied upon desktop shortcuts and my mouse’s right click features more than usual. Instead of typing a web address into my browser, I used link’s on my desktop or in my google favorites. Instead of using “Ctrl-X” or “Ctrl-V” features on my keyboard, I used mouse clicks.
  • Shirk Your Duties: Okay, so don’t exactly “shirk” your duties. That’s not cool. But if it’s a tossup between you & your coworker on who is going to type up the notes from the day’s meeting? Get your coworker to do it this time. Odds are, he or she will understand 🙂

Now, back to the cause of my injury…  Was it A, B, C, or D?

Question: How did I break my finger?

Answer: I broke my finger in an RCI: A Ridiculous Cheering Injury! No, I wasn’t doing something cool or graceful like this …

cheerleading injury

No, unfortunately it was more like this …

{Let’s just say it involved those “fancy” stadium seats that will flip up when you hop up to cheer. I may or may not have forgotten to flip the seat back down before sitting down …. breaking my finger while trying to catch my fall as I crashed to the ground. D’oh!}

What’s the most embarrassing way you’ve ever broken a finger? What other tips can you share to treat a broken finger … and to still get your work done?

Here’s to having a more graceful week this week than last! And yes, my finger feels much better today. Thanks for asking! It’s still wrapped in tape for support, but I think it’s on the mend 🙂

♥ Tina

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