10 Great Office Romances

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought it might be fun to pay homage to some great workplace and office romances ….

Jerry Maguire and … what was her name? Oh yeah, Dorothy

jerry maguire office romance

Maddie & David from Moonlighting

maddie david office romances moonlighting

Stapler & Staples

swingline love

Jim & Pam from The Office

jim and pam office romance the office

Mouse & Mousepad

Sam & Diane from Cheers

 Corkboards & Pushpins

Melanie Griffith & Harrison Ford in Working Girl

Meredith & Derek from Grey’s Anatomy medical office supplies

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 What are some of YOUR favorite office & workplace romances? Paper & pen? Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice? Copier and toner? Olivia & President Grant in Scandal? Folders & file cabinets?

♥ Tina


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