Funny Signs at the Office

People say the darndest things. And some of those people have been put in charge of creating signs to hang at the office. Check out some of these funny signs!

funny signs for the office

Seems perfectly logical to me. I wonder if it would work as well on my kitchen door at home?

Check out these funny signs for the office |


Phew! What a relief. Because I bet the staff was getting a little nervous heading into work each day, but this place has a great track record!

Check out these funny signs for the office |


The fact that someone felt the need to post a sign saying the health department discourages licking walls has me a bit concerned about the hiring practices in this office. Perhaps they need to add in a few more questions to their interview process.

When was the last time you licked the walls? Have you ever felt the need to lick a wall? How would you handle it if you saw a co-worker licking a wall?

Just saying, they might need to be a bit more particular about who they hire.

Check out these funny signs for the office |


Enough said. Cause this funny sign says it all. It’s almost like you don’t need to say anything else.

Check out these funny signs for the office |


This person is being highly proactive. They have anticipated all of your questions and answered them one by one. What more could you want in an office situation? Well…other than a working copier?

Now that you’ve got your funny signs fix…

Need some more traditional signs at your office? OfficeZilla has you covered! Check out our full selection of office signs.

Have you seen any funny signs at the office? We’d love for you to share in the comments.


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