Funny Office Video: Tennis Ball Boss

Hi friends! Welcome to FRIDAY! Is it just me or has this been an EXTRA long week? Whew, we made it! I think we’ve earned the right to enjoy a funny office video 🙂

As you know, I love to share office giggles, pranks and funnies with you that I think you’ll enjoy. And I think you’ll want to check out this funny office video from 2010. (It’s less than 2 minutes, so plenty of time to watch before your boss walks by!)

Pretty funny, right? I think I’m GLAD that we don’t sell tennis balls at OfficeZilla! I wouldn’t want my boss to get any ideas! But we do sell these cute little stringy balls

funny office video - string play ball

Uh oh, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. Wish me luck!

♥ Tina

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