7 Fun Things to Laminate – for Kids!

Laminators are tons of fun and extremely practical. Once you purchase one, I promise you will never run out of ideas for things to laminate. You might (temporarily) run out of lamination refills, but you’ll never run out of ideas for useful and fun things to laminate!

7 Fun Things to Laminate: Kids Edition!

Once you get started laminating, nothing will be safe from you & your LAMINATOR …. 🙂 Below are 7 fun ideas to get you started ….

1. Fun Laminated Dry Erase Faces

This is an adorable project idea:  Laminate photos of your child, friends, family, etc to decorate with dry erase, wipe clean, and redecorate!

fun things to laminate dry erase face

source: Playathomemomllc.com

2. Laminated Rappelling Book Marks

Hilarious, fun bookmarks. Easy & inexpensive to make!

laminate bookmark rappelling

source: creativefamilymoments.com

3. Laminated Chore Charts

Create a customized chore chart for each child based upon his/her age & responsibilities. Erase & reuse each week!

laminate chore charts

source: somewhatsimple.com

4. Laminated Road Trip Bingo Cards

road trip bingo

source: shopwithm.blogspot.com

5. Laminated Personalized Game Pieces

Do your kids fight about who gets to be Spongebob when you’re playing Clue Jr? Or who gets to be the princess when you’re playing Candyland? Make your own DIY game pieces from laminated photos and binder clips!

laminated game pieces

source: abcsofcrazy.blogspot.com

 6. Laminated Hand Writing Practice Sheets

laminate handwriting practice

7. Laminated Paper Dolls

Just add some velcro to the back!

laminated paper dolls

source: lilyandthistle.blogspot.com

And of course, you’ll want to laminate special mementos, Christmas ornaments, backpack tags and more!

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What are you going to laminate first?

♥ Tina

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  1. these gave me wonderful ideas of what to do with my family they loved the game player makers we’ve lost the one from monopoly so we used them in stead. they turn out beautifuly

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