Earn 10 Free Music Downloads from Scotch Brand

Do you know what I forget to purchase each Christmas season? TAPE!

I buy the presents, select the cute wrapping paper, and setup the folding table right in front of the TV. I round up scissors, gift tags, a sharpie, curling ribbon, bows and my weighted tape dispenser. I cue up a romantic comedy I’ve seen before (so that if I miss a line or two due here & there it’s okay), and I sit down to WRAP.

And inevitably? I run out of TAPE. Well, this year I’m getting ahead of the game. I’m buying tape in advance! And if I throw in a few extra Scotch brand goodies into my cart, I qualify for 10 FREE Music downloads!

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In fact, Scotch has some really cute new products that will make for great gifts on their own! Here are a few of the items on my list:

Black Shoe Tape Dispenser

This “shoe” tape dispenser makes a stylish & fun gift for your child’s teacher or a sassy, stylish work colleague.

Acid-Free Dot Roller Adhesive

These acid-free, dot adhesive rollers are perfect for school projects, mounting photos to the inside of my Christmas cards, and for scrapbooking Christmas memories later!


But I’m thinking printed, laminated recipe cards bound together with binder rings would make a great gift!

Either way, whatever I buy, I’ll make sure it adds up to $50 so I can take advantage of those 10 FREE music downloads. I’ve got my heart set on the latest hot tunes from KidzBop 22. 😉

What latest hits will you be downloading?




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