Creative Lunch Ideas: Sharpie Your Lunch Bag!

Looking to inject some variety into your lunchtime routine, but don’t have the time, the money or the waistline that affords eating out every day? Seeking creative lunch ideas for school kids?

Sharpie Your Lunch Bag!

Check out what amazing Dad, David LaFerriere, does with his sons’ lunch bags …

Creature #19d

He does a different one EVERY day!

LaPierre has created unique hand drawn images on his sons’ school & summer camp lunch bags since 2008. That’s more than 1,000 different pieces of sandwich bag art!

LaPierre originally used food coloring right on the sandwich but then he quickly moved to using pens on the bag itself. His first pen drawings were simple Sharpie Fine Tip line drawings like these from 2008 …

Shirt and tie
VoteIt wasn’t long before LaPierre graduated to using colored Sharpies and using a kitchen napkin to smudge the ink to create shading and get more creative.

Like some of these …

Warm chicken
Morning before the ground hog's daysharpie lunch bag art by david lapierre

Pretty cool, right? I bet you’ll never look at a simple sandwich bag the same way again, will you?

♥ Tina

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Learn more about David LaPierre’s lunch bag art on the Flickr blog; Follow LaPierre’s Flickr stream here.


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