Cool Techie Gift Ideas for SEO Professionals

If Batman were a search engine optimization guru you know he would have a utility belt filled with all sorts of interesting gizmos from the BatProjector to the Bat Link Auditor.

Unfortunately we don’t have Bruce Wayne’s resources to work with so we have to make do with the kind of office supplies that are available from a major vendor like OfficeZilla.

Still, if I wanted to travel light and still be able to work with clients (or do presentations at a conference) here are a “must have” gadgets to help me get the job done.

For example, everyone probably carries an 8 giga-byte USB Flash Drive, right?  Actually, I do.

I use these babies as portable backup devices.  I never trust myself to have just one copy of an important presentation.  Besides, if for any reason I have to use a client’s computer instead of my own, I can just copy my files to the USB drive.  (Yes, you have to be careful about viruses – I assume you take precautions as I do.)

Another gadget I cannot live without is a headset for my laptop and smartphone.

I prefer models that can plug in to just about anything but you can usually find adapters for all sorts of cables these days.  Whether I’m in a video chat or watching a video on my laptop or phone, I want to be able to hear everything without disturbing people around me.  I have actually used my headsets on trains, planes, and in automobiles – as well as at the office and in a crowded presentation room.  Just remember that your half of the conversation is not private, so don’t start yelling “Show me the money!” when Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts are up on stage.

And if you do go in for presentations, don’t leave it up to your facilities host to think about getting you a laser pointer when you can carry your own.  These babies will make you look like Batman when you’re able to comment on a slide from your seat without having to ask for someone else’s pointer.

But if you’re really trying to impress the clients, then think about showing up with your very own pocket projector. Your laptop screen may work for a one on one meeting, but a handy-dandy little Bat-projector just might do the trick.Half the business of search engine optimization is knowing when to step in and make the client look good.  If you have the right gadgets with you then you can handle just about any situation that comes up.  You don’t want to be the guy who competes from his desktop computer at home – that just doesn’t cut the mustard in today’s highly competitive market place.

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Michael Martinez is the founder and principal author of the SEO Theory blog. Before launching his career as a search engine optimization specialist in 1998 Michael earned his living as a computer programmer and data processing manager. He has traveled across the US, to Europe, Asia, and South America; and he has worked on-site with clients in factories, remote locations, pristine offices, and over the telephone (or Internet). Michael is sharing both his business experience and blogging insights with OfficeZilla in a series of articles written for small business professionals. Michael’s motto is “Always Have a Backup Plan”.


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