Co-Workers Stealing Food? What can you do?

Are your co-workers stealing food?

Food-stealing is running rampant in corporate America. Is your office one of the thousands affected by this epidemic? Are your hot pockets being swiped? Has your carefully packed lunch gone missing? How many yogurts were left in your 4-pack the last time you checked?

What can you do to protect your snacks from this widespread problem?

Apparently, many of you resort to leaving the infamous passive-aggressive note. And my friend, some of you are hilarious! So I just had to round up a few of your break room notes and share them here for us to mock & admire …

Passive-Aggressive Notes  as Prevention

Scare Your Co-Workers

co workers stealing food - h1n1

And then he folded the laundry & mowed the yard just before driving himself to the hospital.

Shame Your Co-Workers

coworkers stealing food pop tartsBut in all fairness, Poptarts hadn’t been invented yet.

Threaten them with Karma

His name is Earl.

Write a Patriotic Speech

co workers stealing food

{cue the patriotic background music}

But of course, no matter how hard you try to discourage your co-workers stealing food, it happens anyway. Hence ….

Passive-Aggressive Note – after the fact

Make Them Feel Like a Drug Addict


Is Coke rehab covered by our HMO?

Use Formal Language to Impress Themcoworkers stealing your food


Confuse them with poorly written rap combined with an awesome 80’s reference

He makes a good point. The Hamburglar was the bomb.

Make Them Feel Queasy

co worker stealing food estrogen water

Somebody was Googling “estrogen side effects” after this.

Make them feel guilty and lost their job

Kinda makes you want to learn to play chess, doesn’t it?

What about you?

Have you ever had your lunch or snacks stolen from the office refrigerator? How do you deal with thieving coworkers?

♥ Tina

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  2. “Co-Workers Stealing Food? What can you do? – The
    OfficeZilla® Blog” truly got me simply hooked on your blog!
    Iwill certainly wind up being back again alot more regularly.
    Thanks a lot ,Susanna

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  4. I had someone stealing food from me at the office- I left a “liverwurst sandwich” in the office fridge- (it was actually catfood on rye with mustard) and the thief struck again! Enjoy MEOW!!

  5. At my classroom, my aide or the kids she keeps after school are stealing my drinks & food. The drinks which are opened, are all but consumed when I show up for work the next day. They actually eat & drink after me, and then leave the bottles with one swig left. It scares me about hygiene + health. This week I became violently ill with stomach flu, or else food poisoning. I’m at a loss for how to make it stop.

  6. Once someone was taking my yogurt every day. I finally waited till the break room was full. I then went in and said whoever is taking my yogurt watch out. It may not be today, in a week, a month who knows but you will know when I get my revenge. Guess what it stopped. People knew I was serious lol.

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