Choose the Best Office Desk for You

Are you searching for a new office desk? There are so many options to choose from that the process can become overwhelming. But OfficeZilla is here to help you choose the best office desk for your needs!

Choose the best desk for your office needs. #work #office #supplies

Choose the Best Office Desk for You

Consider Your Work Style

The first thing to do when purchasing a new desk is to consider your work style.

  • Do you work mostly on the computer?
  • Do you need space to spread out papers?
  • Is it important to have filing space?
  • Do you host clients in your office?
  • Do you work in a small space?
  • Do you sit for hours and hours?
  • What tools do you need space for?
  • How much floor space do you have for your desk?

Once you have answers to these questions you are ready to narrow down which desk will work best for you.

Filing Pedestal Desks

Do you need to have files and documents at your fingertips? Then a Filing Pedestal Desk may be the choice for you.

Choose the best desk for your office needs. #work #office #supplies

Many pedestal desks come with a combination of file drawers and box drawers. Having so many desk drawers makes it easier to keep things organized and the top of your desk clear. Filing pedestal desks come with one or two pedestals of drawers.

I like using the extra drawers to hide away my snacks from hungry co-workers. Oh and for filing important papers…yeah…that.

Corner Desks

Do you need for your office to serve multiple purposes? Perhaps you work from home, or simply have a very small office space. Then a Corner Desk may be the best option for you!

Choose the best desk for your office needs. #work #office #supplies

Some corner desks offer drawers but many do not. Corner desks are simple and have a small footprint. Perfect for small office spaces. If you don’t use lots of paper and you keep your desk relatively clean you will love a corner desk. With a few desktop organizers for your favorite office supplies you will be ready to get to work!

L Shaped Desks

Do you do a little bit of everything at your desk? Work on a computer, space for papers, hold meetings? An L Shaped Desk will give you space for everything you need to do.

Choose the best desk for your office needs. #work #office #supplies

An L Shaped Desk offers lots of placement options. You can use it like a large corner desk. Or you can place one arm of the desk against the wall and allow the other arm to stick into the center of the room.

This desk offers space for not only my computer and piles of papers but also a few framed photographs of my little ones.

Computer Desks

Does most of your work day revolve around a computer? Then perhaps a Computer Desk would work best for you!

Choose the best desk for your office needs. #work #office #supplies

Often computer desks have the appropriate space and holes for computer and printer cords. Many think of computer desks as sparse and modern. But when you use very little paper, and spend your day on the computer, you don’t need much other than a surface to put your technology on.

Sit Stand Desks

Do you spend hours sitting at your desk? Do you feel the effects in your back? Then perhaps you would enjoy a Sit Stand Desk!

Choose the best desk for your office needs. #work #office #supplies

It’s been said that it’s good to get up and walk around 5 minutes for every hour you sit. But what if you could stand and work? Sit and Stand Desks offer that flexibility. Sit when you need to, then adjust your desk up to the standing position for awhile. These desks don’t have as much room for spreading out papers, but if you spend most of your time at the computer you won’t need it anyway.

Keep your energy up even when sitting with a Ball Chair. You’ll be bouncing your way to a fitter, more effective you!

Shop OfficeZilla for the Best Office Desks!

OfficeZilla carries many types of desks. You can have your workspace up and running in no time. Keeping that desk clean and organized how ever is all on you!

❤ Tina

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