Kids and Technology

Kids these days don't know what technology used to be like! #office #supplies #work

Kids and technology just go hand in hand these days. The current generation of kids will not know life without technology. Even some of the early forms of technology looks foreign to them. Ellen introduced a few children to technology from yesterday, in the way only Ellen can do! Kids and Technology Let’s Communicate! From the first cell phone to a device … Continue reading

Paper Airplane Fun

Paper Airplane Fun for All Ages #work #office #supplies

The paper airplane is on the short list for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame along with several others like bubbles, Little People, and American Girl Dolls. We at OfficeZilla are particular fans of the paper airplane because it’s made of…well, paper! Paper Airplane Fun Create Your Own Paper Airplane The best paper airplanes begin with a killer design and … Continue reading

The Adventures of Elastika

Check out this fun stop action video full of office supply goodness! The Adventures of Elastika.

I am amazed at the planning & forethought that go into stop motion films — regardless of medium. But when you plan & execute a beautiful stop motion video using office supplies, then I am completely mesmerized! I present to you a 3 1/2 minute escape from reality …. Check it out … It’s Elastika! A girl after our own … Continue reading

The Office Supply Games

Have fun with the Office Supply Games! Play along at:

Olympic fever will soon be sweeping the globe. To help celebrate, we welcome you to the Office Supply Games! Where you can win gold by playing games at work! Pencil Goal Post Event If you don’t have competitive co-workers you could participate in this solo event, the Pencil Goal Post. With just a few supplies you can compete in this … Continue reading

Halloween Fun with OfficeZilla

Happy Halloween to you! We at OfficeZilla are so glad that you are here celebrating office supplies with us! Some of our most popular posts are our Halloween ideas. So here they are all in one place!  Dress up for Halloween Need some edgy ideas for a Halloween costume? Grab some office supplies and get your Gaga on! Does your … Continue reading