OfficeZilla Fun: Customer Service Stories

One of the best parts about being your Office Supplies Super Hero, is that I get to talk to YOU over the phone. I get to help you find the right products at the right price for your office, home, special projects, and more. Like the woman who bought 2 chair mats for her bird this week. Yes, really! (One … Continue reading

It’s Official: Yawns are Contagious

yawns are contagious

Are you feeling tired today? Was it hard to wake up this morning? Are you looking for ways to avoid the awkward yawn during that boring meeting on your calendar for today? I don’t blame you if you’re dragging today. I mean, it *is* Wednesday (yawn.) But if you are — I must warn you — DO NOT WATCH THE … Continue reading

You Can’t Spell When You’re Hungry

you can't spell when you're hungry

Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to concentrate when you’re hungry? That you make more mistakes? That you don’t think as clearly? That you can’t spell when you’re hungry? Guess what: It’s not just you. It’s your co-workers too! Turns out, we all need fuel to do our best work. Snickers Noticed The Snickers brand recently ran an online … Continue reading

LinkedIn is 10 Years Old?

On May 5th of this year, LinkedIn celebrated its 10th birthday. Can you believe that? A Look at LinkedIn’s History Reid Hoffman created the idea of LinkedIn in 2002, enlisting a few friends from Paypal and SocialNet to help him. He officially launched LinkedIn on May 5th, 2003  — from his living room — inviting a few hundred of his … Continue reading