Bubble Gum Day and Working Naked Day!

Bubble gum and nudity? How is it that the groundhog gets all the news crews?

Well – who can believe it is already February 1st again?  And you know what that means?  Two great holidays in one!  It’s “Working Naked Day” and “Bubble Gum Day.”

What’s that?  You thought I was going to talk about Groundhog Day?  Not a shadow of a chance.

Working Naked Day

Let me give you a little background on both of these special events!  According to Fox Business – work naked day, “Working Naked Day” started back in 2010 when home office expert Lisa Kanarek created the event to celebrate the sort of freedoms that one gets from working at home. She could have gone with “Work in Pajamas Day” but she was trying to make a serious statement.

Now in its third year, this could be the most successful nudity based office movement with projected numbers of participants running literally into the dozens! Thinking about participating yourself?  Check out their facebook group.

How do we celebrate this event at OfficeZilla?  Well, when I brought it up I was told, “We don’t.”

Here’s a “Working Naked Day” joke for you.

Q: Why was everyone shocked at Jack’s appearance at work today?

A: They were surprised to see him wearing only hirsute.

Waka waka waka!

But don’t worry!  All is not lost – there is still “Bubble Gum Day!”

Bubble Gum Day

This is a whimsical day created by children’s author Ruth Spiro. Ruth created BGD as a way to have a FUNd Raiser without having to sell stuff.  The idea was simple – allow students to chew bubble gum in class if they paid a $0.50 fee.  They get to chew gum (a forbidden pleasure at most schools) and also help raise money for the school.

Since its launch, the event has grown and businesses, military bases, museums and other venues have started embracing the day and use the funds for charity causes.  It’s kind of a “define your own purpose” event in that there is no prescribed charity for which to donate money raised by chewing gum.  Might I suggest directing such charity to fight childhood diabetes?

For a variety of reasons it is probably best if I don’t try to combine “Working Naked Day” and “Bubble Gum Day” as part of my February 1st celebrations here at OfficeZilla.  *shudder*  

And what would be the point of celebrating “Bubble Gum Day” if I didn’t share some gum trivia with you?

Did you know that the guy who defeated Texans at the Alamo was also responsible for introducing chewing gum to America?

Yep.  Santa Ana isn’t just a Cheech Marin’s time-traveling twin, he’s also the father of chewing gum.

Here’s how Wikipedia sums it up:

In 1869, 74-year-old Santa Anna was living in exile in Staten Island, New York. He was trying to raise money for an army to return and take over Mexico City. During his time in New York City, he is credited with bringing in the first shipments of chicle, the base of chewing gum. He failed to profit from this, since his plan was to use the chicle to replace rubber in carriage tires, which was tried without success.Thomas Adams, the American assigned to aid Santa Anna while he was in the United States, experimented with chicle in an attempt to use it as a substitute for rubber. He bought one ton of the substance from Santa Anna, but his experiments proved unsuccessful. Instead, Adams helped to found the chewing gum industry with a product that he called “Chiclets.”

So there you have it.

To paraphrase Rowdy Roddy Piper, “I have come here to chew bubble gum and work naked – and I’m all out of bubble gum.”  But seriously – I’m not doing either of these things.  And if you are be sure and don’t send us any pictures.

– Blake

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