7 Awesome Binder Clip Creatures

Last week I shared with you 19 helpful uses for binder clips around the house. This week, it’s time to share 7 very cool Binder Clip CREATURES you can create to entertain yourself on a slow afternoon in the office.

Check ’em out below. (Click through to the original image source, where available.)

7 Cool Binder Clip Creatures

Binder Clip Zilla!

blinder clip zilla

Binder Clip Sphere

source: blog.makezine.com

Binder Clip Dachshund


Binder Clip Man

source: pinterest

Binder Clip X-Wing Fighter

binder clip x-wing fighter

source: instructables.com

Binder Clip Scorpion

binder clip scorpion

Binder Clip Pythonbinder clip creatures

Pretty cool, huh? Which was your favorite? If you have a pic of other binder clip creatures, I invite you to share it with us on facebook or via the comments on this post!

♥ Tina

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7 Awesome Binder Clip Creatures — 2 Comments

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