Business Meeting Etiquette: OfficeZilla’s New Rules of Order

Since 1876 business meetings have been guided by the system known as Robert’s Rules of Order.  Robert’s rules worked fine for more than a century – but today’s modern office calls for a few updates to supplement those iconic rules. Never fear. Officezilla is here! Below I’ve pulled together a few additional rules of order to help keep your 21st … Continue reading

Prevent Alien Abduction with Office Supplies

March 20th is “Alien Abduction Day.”  This is a day (according to FoxNews) which celebrates (?) the quirky sci-fi aspects of “alien abductions.”  To be clear, we’re talking about people believing they were kidnapped by extraterrestrials.  This is a distinctly different phenomena than that celebrated on “Illegal Alien Abduction Day.” Here at OfficeZilla, the funnest office supply company evar™, we … Continue reading

Star Wars / Star Trek Presidential Mashup

It’s a Vulcan Mind Trick Friday, March 1, 2013 was a historic day in American history. President Obama made our country’s first bi-Sci-Fi-Franchise statement when he combined elements of Star Trek and Star Wars in an analogy. His phrase “Jedi Mind Meld” (which should have been “Vulcan mind meld”) pitted the mystic knights from Star Wars with the cool dispassionate … Continue reading

Hot topic: Mark Rubio & Bottled Water

The State of the Union is…Thirsty? It’s unusual when drinking a sip of water catches the attention of a nation. Was Obama’s State of the Union so hard to swallow? I’m joking, of course. Yesterday morning I started the day hearing all about how Marco Rubio’s response to the President’s speech took a turn for the strange when Rubio reached … Continue reading

Office Supplies Celebrate Mardi Gras!

office supplies celebrate mardi gras

Dateline: New Orleans Well everybody’s a bit tired this morning from the wild party last night.  Taking a bus-load of office supplies to New Orleans for Mardi Gras might have been a mistake?  I never expected chaperoning these otherwise stalwart desk companions would be problematic.  But it did get a little crazy! Back at HQ, I hear all they did … Continue reading

How To Make a Paper Football

Well the big game is over. Now what are you going to do to keep that football fever running through your office? No, that was a rhetorical question. The answer is simple: Paper Football! Turn your office break-room into a game room by following these simple pictorial instructions on how to make your own paper football! What you will need: … Continue reading