8 Reasons I LOVE Coffee!

Coffee has some great health benefits. I’ve seen many different articles lately sharing the health benefits of coffee. The Huffington Post recently posted a great article sharing 5 Reasons to Drink Coffee …. all of them health related. (Diabetes Protection, Hydration, Brain Protection, Antioxidants & Phytonutrients, and Liver Protection.)

While I’m glad that coffee has health benefits ….  I must admit that I have my own list of reasons for loving coffee!

8 Reasons to love coffee

8 Reasons I Love Coffee

1. Waking Up: It gets me out of bed in the morning. Seriously. I love my job but I can’t face the idea of starting my day without a cup (or 3) of coffee.

2. Focus:  I suppose this could be considered a ‘health benefit’ but when I’m working on the OfficeZilla weekly coupon & newsletter, the caffeine in the coffee gives me the focus I need to get it done!

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3. Comfort: Coffee is as warm & comforting as a mug of hot cocoa …. without the calories! Or, actually, mix a little cocoa mix in with your coffee and make it an easy “mocha.” YUM.

4. Aroma: Brewing a fresh pot of coffee will *almost* conceal the aroma of burnt microwave popcorn in our office break room.

5. Gossip: I get my best workplace gossip while gathered around the coffee maker in the break room, waiting for the next pot to finish brewing.

6. Warmth: Seriously, the guys here at OfficeZilla love a sub-zero work temperature. Hot coffee and my Lorell space heater are my best defenses!

7. Office Politics: Refilling my coffee mug is a great excuse to walk around, spy on my co-workers, and run into the boss for a little schmoozing 🙂

8. Personality: While I can’t exactly wear a t-shirt to work that says, “Don’t Mess With Me Today”, I have no problem carrying around my “Don’t Mess With Me” coffee mug. All Day Long.

What do you love most about coffee? I’m off to grab my 3rd cup for today, but I can’t wait to read your comments when I get back from the break room 🙂






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