8 Office Things that Suck

Yes, that’s right. Not only is today your income tax filing due date, but it is also “National That Sucks Day.” Coincidence? I think not.

My first thought was to share with you a list of office things that …..suck are total bummers. Like Friday afternoon meetings or being passed over for a promotion. But that seems too easy and not very OfficeZilla-ish.

So I’m taking a different approach 🙂

8 Office Things that Totally Suck

1. Vacuum Cleaners

Am I right or am I right? Vacuum cleaners definitely suck.

vacuum cleaner

But for some reason, this guy seems to think that vacuum cleaners dance?

2. Vampire Co-workers

What, you don’t have any vampire co-workers?

vampire co-worker

Actually, you do have vampire co-workers. Think about it. As this article published on CNN.com in 2005 explains, vampire co-workers are the ones who suck the life from you! The article describes a few of these blood suckers …

“The Sob Sister (or Brother): She’s a whiner. The world is against her. Someone else is always to blame for her unhappiness. This is the person who rehashes the same old points over and over again, and every solution you suggest is met with a reason why she can’t do what you suggest. This type of person will consume your energy the way leaving your headlights on overnight will drain your car battery.

The Blamer: Less benign than the Sob Sister, the Blamer is in attack mode. He berates, he guilt-trips and he’s often verbally abusive. Where the Sob Sister washes you in negativity, the Blamer punches you with it. In this case, it’s not the world’s fault, it’s your fault.

The Drama Queen: Starting every sentence with “Oh my God, you’ll never guess what happened,” the Drama Queen’s life is one of extremes, good or bad. She goes from crisis to crisis feeding off of chaos. Whether she’s breaking up with her boyfriend for the third time this week or fretting that the newly found spot on her arm is a sign of her imminent death, nothing just happens to this person, instead, it HAPPENS! She wears us out by serving up a concentrate of emotion.

The Constant Talker: A motor mouth. “He’s only concerned with himself, his stories, his opinions, his jokes.” He wears you down like “a relentlessly yipping Chihuahua who badly needs a walk.”

So you see? You probably do have a few vampire co-workers after all!

3. Suckers


Actually … suckers don’t suck do they? It’s the other way around …Whatever…. Moving along ..

4. Suck-Ups

Every office has ’em!


5. Sponges

No, I’m not talking about Karl in IT who never seems to have cash when it’s time to split the lunch tab.

I’m talking about absorbent sponges for the break room sink!

office things that suck

7. Bob sucking on a cigarette during a smoke break

Poor Bob. I also picked on him a couple of weeks ago (here) when we talked about March Madness 🙁

8. Fluorescent Lighting

An 8+ hour day of fluorescent lights can suck the life right out of you, can’t they?! Human beings need a regular dose of natural, full spectrum sunlight to be healthy and to feel energetic. Fluorescent lighting flickers — often so quickly that you can’t see the flickering by your naked eye — but enough flickering to affect your body chemistry. In addition, fluorescent lighting doesn’t give off the more natural, full spectrum light that an incandescent bulb does.

Tom Hanks’ character in “Joe Versus The Volcano” needed a break!

If the fluorescent lights at work are “sucking” the life right out of you, be sure to get outside for a walk at lunch! Or dream up reasons to go visit your boss in his full spectrum, daylight filled office.

So indeed, those are 8 office things that suck!

Have a great week! Let’s hope it doesn’t suck 🙂

♥ Tina

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