5 Very-Last-Minute Ideas for Boss’ Day

World's Best BossUh oh, it’s National Boss’ Day today and you forgot to get your boss a gift? Well, even though I did remind you yesterday on twitter, I had a feeling you might forget. I mean, shouldn’t it be required that Boss’ Day be on Friday so you’ll have an entire week to psych yourself up for it?

Alas, it’s today. So since you forgot, here are some ideas of things you could do last minute.

5 Last Minute Ideas for Boss’ Day

Take Your Boss to Lunch

Quick! Call your boss’ favorite lunch spot and get a reservation. Now rally the troops and coerce as many of your co-workers as you can into attending so that (a) you don’t have to pay for it all by yourself and (b) you don’t have to suffer an awkward lunch just with you & the boss. Trust me, neither of you want that!

Decorate Your Boss’ Office

Quick! Send your boss on an errand and gather up some office supplies from around the office to quickly festoon his office. This prank from officecubiclepranks.com took less than $40 worth of post-it notes and a few hours of time …

post it note prank

Really strapped for decorating materials? What about a little bit of toilet paper?

toilet paper decorate office

Or maybe a lot of toilet paper …

toilet paper office prank

Don’t worry — we sell toilet paper at OfficeZilla at deep discount. So go ahead & order today & your replenishment supply should arrive tomorrow!

Send Your Boss an e-card

How much do we all love ecards? And talk about easy & quick! Though, just a warning, you might NOT want to send one of these from someecards.com …



Get Crafty

Feeling creative? If your boss is a dude, just print-out these cute little beverage cover-ups and write “Happy Boss’ Day” on them instead of “Happy Father’s Day.” Run down to the convenience store, pick up a 6-pack of his favorite beverage, and you’re good to go. (Printable instructions here.)

shirt tie bottle covers

Nobody has to know you already had that six-pack stashed under your desk … 😉

Grab Your Boss a Starbucks

If the weather is nice, why not ‘selflessly’ run out & grab your boss’ favorite Starbucks treat? What a great excuse to get out of the office for a few minutes on your own, score some points, and get an afternoon pick-me-up for yourself at the same time. Just make sure you know your boss’ drink of choice before you go!

What else? What other last minute solutions do you have for Boss’ Day? I’d love to hear your ideas!

♥ Tinadiscount office supplies at OfficeZilla.comPS: One co-worker here at OfficeZilla had a great suggestion. He says you could just convince everyone that it’s actually Boss’ Week and buy yourself more time to get a gift …. but … then you’d actually have to be nice to your boss for an entire week instead of just today … nah!

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