5 Tips to Wrap like a GANGSTA

Have you wrapped all of your Christmas presents yet? Have you artfully arranged them under your tree or nestled them carefully into shipping boxes to send to relatives & friends far & wide?

If so, I don’t want to hear about it…Less than 2 weeks ’til Christmas? Yikes! I’m only just beginning to get my list together!

Once my list is complete, I get to start wrapping … GANGSTA style 🙂

How to WRAP Like a Gangsta’!


Add some bling bling to your packaging with our Gold Metallic Markers.  People will think they’re getting a package from the King of Europe, fo’ shizzle!

Use a {tape} Gun

If you wanna be the real OG, you gots to have this gun, Playa!

Don’t be ill

With your mack wrapping skills you don’t want to start feeling ill in your dome. If you do, some Acetaminophen will keep you going.


Protect Your Goods

You don’t want your goods to get busted in shipping so be sure to pad that box with some bubble wrapPro tip, yo!  Popping this stuff is straight-up relaxing and you can ship it totally legal.

Pimp Out your Mail Room

Of course if you want to pimp your mail room (or even just your mail cubby), you’ll be wanting one of these bad boys!


So are you ready to WRAP like a GANGSTA now? LOL? I’d love for you to share your GANGSTA wrapping tips in the comments!

Meanwhile, you need just ONE more thing to help you really be chill with your wrapping. How about a discount on shipping & mailing supplies?

Use coupon code WRAPIT to receive 15% off select mail room and shipping supplies now through December 20, 2012. Just enter the code at checkout to receive the Zilla love 🙂

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