10 Ways to Talk Like a Pirate at Work!

Sept. 19 is officially International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So here are 10 pirate phrases you can use during your work day to talk like a pirate!

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How to talk like a pirate at work

  1. Greet your co-workers by saying, “Ahoy Matey”
  2. Whenever you agree with something say, “Aye”
  3. When telling your co-workers to complete a task quickly say, “I need that done smartly me hearties”
  4. When your boss gives you a task to do say, “Aye-aye Cap’n!”
  5. Call at least one co-worker “Me harty” all day long.
  6. When calling a meeting say, “I be need’n all hands on deck.”
  7. Change “you” to “ye” and “my” to “me”
  8. When someone gets on your nerves threaten to have them “swab the deck” or “walk the plank.”
  9. When searching for your favorite office supply begin by saying, “Whar be t’ stapler”
  10. Just toss in “ARRR!” every chance you get!

Need a few more tips? Check out this video from the Pirate Guys:

Will you be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day?

♥ Tina

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