11 SWEET Office Cakes

Do you love office supplies? I mean really love office supplies? These people surely do, for they commemorated their office supply love with cake & icing!

11 sweet office cakes

1. Stapler Cake

swingline cake

source: cakecentral.com

This was a going away cake for someone who loved the movie Office Space. Apparently, the Swingline stapler replica actually moved up & down!

2. Pencil Cake

pencil cake

source: about.com

Very cute in theory … though I might agree with my son who says that pencil cake looks ‘gross.’

3. Computer Cake

apple computer cakeOkay, so maybe that computer is a little too retro for you. How about this one?

4. iPad Cake

That lends to meaning to the phrase, “Hey, I got an ipad for my birthday!”

So you don’t like cake? How about cookies?

5. Computer of Cookies

computer of cookies

source: Parmalat

There’s a great pun about computer cookies in here somewhere 😉

6. Dictionary Cake

source: Flickr

What, you don’t use a dictionary anymore?

7. Expo Marker Cake

office cake

8. Desk Cake

souce: miamorsweets.com

9. Hubby’s Desk Cake

source: dumont-cake.blogspot.com

hm, something tells me that maybe ‘hubby’ works too much?

10. Teacher’s Desk Cake

source: thecakemama.blogspot.com

and my favorite? …

11. Post It Note Cake

post it note cake

source: flickr

How awesome are these?!

I do love me some office supplies, but these creative confections really take the cake! (Yes, I’ve been wanting to say that since I started this post, lol!)

♥ Tina



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