♫ These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things ♫

Well it has been 46 years and 8 days since The Sound of Music was released in Portugal, so it seems like a fitting occasion to share the tribute song we sing here at OfficeZilla.

We sing it all the time and if you want to sing along just use the tune to “My Favorite Things.”

(When you get to the hot-links you don’t sing “Hot Links” you just hold your hand up in the air and click your index finger to emulate the clicking of a virtual mouse. It’s fun!  You should do it.  (At least the virtual-clicking dance, anyway.)

♫ Our Office’s Favorite Things♫

Ink jets and paper and chairs for the sittin’
bright colored paper and pencils unbitten
shiny clean whiteboards and binders with rings
these are an office’s favorite things

Coffee and creamer and soft rubber floor-mats
Brushes and cleaners and fresher décor scents
Break rooms with snack food like those bagels they bring
These are an office’s favorite things

Desks and credenzas and slick wooden cases
printers and faxes and clocks with nice faces
Mead, 3M, Sparco and Roaring Spring
Make little notebooks to write down these things

When the screens crash
When the phone rings
When the boss is mad
I simply remember these favorite things
And steal sticky pads!

–          End   –

Well there you have it.  I hope it puts a little bounce in your step to sing and click along to this song about a few of our favorite things.  If you want to practice your click-dance by checking out the links to our awesome office products, that will be fine with us too! 


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