12 Ways to Decorate Your Cubicle

12 Ways to Decorate Your Cubicle #DIY #decor #office #work

Does your office cube have a bad case of the blahs? Here are 12 fun ways to decorate your cubicle! 12 Ways to Decorate Your Cubicle Make it Pretty If you have some empty wall space why not create an inspiration line? Hang a string across the wall and add some clothespins to hold whatever your heart fancies. Whether it’s photographs, … Continue reading

DIY Weekend Projects

DIY Weekend Projects for home, office and backyard. #craft #office supplies #DIY

It’s the time of year where the weather is perfect, and Friday through Sunday are perfect days for DIY weekend projects. Whether you want to get your backyard in gear for fall cookouts, decorate your house, or organize your life we’ve got a project for you! DIY Weekend Projects For the Backyard Enjoy a fun evening in the backyard with this … Continue reading

Shhh…Undercover Office Security

Shhh...Undercover Office Security. What can you do to protect yourself? Here are some suggestions. http://blog.officezilla.com/office-security/ #office #work

Surprising as it might sound, proactive safety measures aren’t always the stuff that television crime dramas show them to be. Late night break-ins and violent attacks in a parking garage happen, yes, but far more common are the more subtle, less dramatic – but no less devastating – violations of personal security. Here we’re talking about invasions of privacy that … Continue reading

Back to School Backpack Basics

Back to School Backpack Basics #office supplies #school supplies

While backpacks are incredibly handy to help kids carry schoolbooks and supplies, they can also be harmful if improperly fitted or overloaded. With so many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from, selecting one for your child’s frame and needs can be confusing. But considering about half the students aged 9 to 20 experience back pain from backpacks, it’s important … Continue reading

8 DIY Mustache Crafts

DIY Mustache Craft Ideas http://blog.officezilla.com/8-diy-mustache-crafts/

I mustache you a question…do you like mustache crafts? We do too! So here are 8 DIY mustache crafts that will fulfill your every mustache need. DIY Mustache Crafts Want to take a bit of mustache fun to the office? Try creating your own Sharpie Mustache Mug! Grab your favorite mug, draw a stache and bake the mug to set … Continue reading

13 Free Printables for Teachers

13 Free Printables for Teachers #classroom #teacher #organization

The school year will be here before you know it. Everyone loves a free printable, especially educators! So to get your year started off right here are 13 free printables for teachers! Free Printables for Teachers Planners School may not be here quite yet, but planning time sure is. This adorable bright and colorful planner will help you get those … Continue reading

The College School Supplies You Need

The College School Supplies You Need #office supplies

As you high school graduate gets ready to head off to college there’s a whole host of things they will need. Help your student get their year started right with these college school supplies. The College School Supplies You Need The Basics There are a few things that every college student needs. Standard school supplies apply in college as well. So … Continue reading

How to Beat the Summer Heat at Work

How to Beat the Summer Heat at Work #office supplies

Not all of us enjoy working in the comfort of an air-conditioned office. Many toil under the summer sun or in over-heated factories, making it a challenge to stay cool. If that’s you, these tips can help you beat the summer heat. How to Beat the Summer Heat at Work Lighten up. Darker colors absorb more sunlight, so dress for … Continue reading

9 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

9 Fun Toilet Paper Crafts #DIY #office #supplies

There’s nothing better than finding a way to upcycle something you use every day. Unless it’s creating beautiful projects for your home out of…wait for it…toilet paper rolls! You’ll love these 9 toilet paper roll crafts! Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For the Home Create a beautiful and simple canvas just by stamping with toilet paper rolls. The best part about … Continue reading